Urban development has left this “island” as a residual space devoid of vegetation, resulting in the loss of the ecological functionality of the site. The proposal seeks to transform this space into an oasis of urban biodiversity through the implementation of a garden that revitalizes the area, increasing the provision of ecosystem services. Oasis 22 merges the idea of ​​a biodiversity oasis with the socio-environmental needs and challenges projected towards the 22nd century. Enhancing the value of the natural patterns of Mediterranean ecosystems and the importance of preserving and promoting the interaction between biological communities. As an open-air museum, it seeks to generate an aesthetic and educational experience for the inhabitants, inviting them to reflect on our relationship with nature, and allowing an interaction that fosters a sense of belonging, appreciation, and local roots towards the natural environment through the valuation of biodiversity.

ConcorsoAvventure creativeAnno 2024 - PartecipanteAutore/iCristian Ignacio Flores Pavez, Valeria Alexandra Cartes Urrutia, Sofìa Paz Zamudio Benoni, Francisca Marìa Vicenta Fernandez Cano e-mailcristianflorespavez@gmail.com

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